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Lightguard Security 

The technology that uses intense light as non-lethal defense from violent threats while immediately sending alerts to first-responders

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Protects most vulnerable locations

Provides an immediate response to defend your organization from violent acts


Religious Institutes

Government Buildings

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Immediate Response

The lightguard system provides multiples trigger sources with different levels of permission

Wireless Trigger

Portable secure device for local activation, faster way to trigger the system


Respond to any emergency from your smart phone, from anywhere


Securely access all features of your system from any web browser

Help is on the way!

How Lightguard System works?



Lightguard's emergency notification network instantly alerts key personnel and first responders, with detailed information (sent by SMS):


Modular design fits almost any space requirement


Software defined behavior based on client's needs

Remote Monitoring

Server tracks the status of the system 24/7

Expanding the Reach

Lightguard has partnered with Critical Reach, a nonprofit with more than 25 years of experience providing law enforcement with real-time alerts. Critical reach serves 1,500+ law enforcement agencies and reaches more than 10,000 agents
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